To place a classified ad, please send the following information to Jimmy Russ, AB4KA at

  • Item description and condition
  • Cost
  • Seller’s name, callsign and contact information (phone number or email address)

All items must be related to amateur radio. Items will be listed for (approximately) two weeks. If an item is sold or needs to be re-listed, please contact Jimmy,

NOTE: ALL transactions are the sole responsibility of the individual parties involved. The Lakeland Amateur Radio Club has no pecuniary interest in any transaction completed as a result of any listing and bears no liability toward any transaction.

If one wishes to place an ad on behalf of a 3rd party (i.e. selling equipment on behalf of a Silent Key), please ensure that you maintain the privacy of that party so as to prevent anyone from contacting them who might wish to take advantage of them.

Happy selling!