From Jimmy Russ, AB4KA

Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver. I bought it new 12/07/18 from HRO in Atlanta and I am the only owner. It is in excellent shape and unmodified. The side handle and rubber feet have been added by me. I also added a little nail polish to the volume, rf gain, shift and RIT knobs to make the settings easier to see. The only “ding” if you will is inside…I had added the TXCO to it, and I later removed it and at some point while taking it out I touched the fan frame with my soldering iron and put a divot in the side. Has no effect on operation (didn’t touch the fan blade) but I figured I’d better mention it. I also had installed the CW filter and have since removed it (those are hard to come by and I wanted it for another radio hihi). I have the radio, original hand microphone, (shortened) power cord and manual/paperwork. $400

Hustler 4BTV HF Trap Vertical. Used but complete, in good shape. $75

2014 ARRL Handbook, 100th Anniversary Edition. Hardcover. Has a callsign (not mine) imprinted on the cover. CD-rom is missing. $10

Please contact Jimmy Russ, AB4KA by email at or phone at 863-944-5464 (text preferred)

From Jim Stewart, W4XDS

Cable – approx. 18′ RG8/U (400 UF) ABR Industries, good condition, PL-258 connector on one end, cut on the other  – $15
Cable – approx. 8′  RG8/U (400 UF) ABR Industries, good condition no connectors – $5
Cable – approx 30′ of what I believe is RG 8X, PL-258 connector both ends, some spray paint on it – $10
Antenna – 80m dipole, very good shape, half-wave, insulated wire, on a spool – $25
Antenna – EFHW-8010 from, excellent shape, End Fed Half Wave, 80m through 10m – $100
Antenna – Comet CHA-250BX Vertical, 3.5MHz – 57MHz, 250W, bought used, has blue & green spray paint on it – $35
Antenna – Cushcraft RingoRanger Vertical, 2M, bought used, has piece of steel pipe in base, blue/green spray paint – $20
Hamsticks – pair of 75m with dual mount bracket, good condition – $25
Hamstick – single 40m, no mounting bracket, good condition – $10

Please email Jim Stewart at

From George Gafford, KI4NBE:

  1. Heil PR-10 Microphone Package, included Heil PR-10 mic with lighted base and 8″ boom. Like new, comes with box & instructions. $130 firm.

2. LDG YT-450 Auto tuner. Works as it should. $130 firm.

Contact George Gafford, KI4NBE at

From Jeff Hill, AC4AQ

Coil/Transformer Winding Machine. Needs motor. $100 obo. Contact Jeffrey Hill, AC4AQ at or by phone at 352-206-8288

From Buddy Morgan, WB4OMG:

Icom ID-880H 50 watt FM/D Star mobile radio S/N 0501263 Purchased 2009. Works fine. Close to zero scratches. Do not have the original box, but I have everything that came in it. Three power cables. $120 OBO. Will ship.

M2 23CM49 49 Element 23 cm Yagi, 14 foot boom. Quantity 2 These antennas were up for about two years. $100 each OBO, pick up, Lakeland, FL only.

Innova 34 Element 432 Yagi 30 foot boom. Two baluns – one that came with the antenna and one that I built that has a lower SWR. This antenna was up about two years. $200 OBO, pick up Lakeland, FL only.

B&K Precision 1856D Frequency Counter. Works fine with the internal timebase. But, does not work with an external reference. $150 OBO Will ship

Please contact Buddy Morgan WB4OMG or call 863-816-8949

Shark 2m/6m/70cm Magnetic mount mobile antenna, 48″ long, brand new in the box. $50. Please contact Ringo, K2TDR at


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