Two New Hams, One New Ham Family!

We are happy to announce two new hams in the fold. Mike and Gabby passed the Technician test with flying colors. They both studied hard, and it paid off.

In order, left to right, Ernie KG4YNI, Gabby, Mike, and Bill KJ4IAI.
We hope to see more of Mike in the future and encourage both Gabby and Mike to go on for their General. And, if any of you hams out there have some ideas for stealth antennas, please share them with Mike next time you see him.

Now they are a family of hams. Left to right: Ren KG4BAS, Gabby, and brother Ansel KJ4ZRU. It was only a short time ago that Ansel got his Technician’s License. Now the race is on to see which one will get their General first.

Bear hugs are in order, or should I say ham hugs. Amateur radio operators are an extended family, and it doesn’t hurt to show this from time to time.

Ernie is seen here congratulating Ren, dad and fellow board member for the encouragement and support he gave to son Ansel and daughter Gabby.

And finally, Gabby and brother Ansel share a moment. Are they discussing strategy for moving up to General? I see some friendly competition in the future.

Also present, VE Bill KI4ZMV.