Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Soldering Irons

Kit Building Prelim
Gary gave a rousing overview of the project scheduled for next month’s meeting. There is something for everyone here. For some it is brushing up on old skills, for others a first time experience, and for many, it is a chance to help others develop the skills needed for successful kit building. Last count, nearly twenty members have signed up for the kits. For more details you can download the instructions in advance. Click here for instructions
Kit builders and Elmers, we need soldering irons, power cords, and a scrap of something to protect the tables from damage.

March Of Dimes Walk
Rip AA4HT made a plea for assistance at March Of Dimes Walk
Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011
Location: First Presbyterian Church on Lake Hollingsworth
Arrange to be there for assignments by: 7:30 AM
The event should be over by 10:30 AM.
Hams will need an HT, or possibly a mobile rig. Please contact Rip at to volunteer.

Field Day
Finally, Fred K1DU spoke about the upcoming field day. His message was clear. It is all about points. This is why we will be using the same antenna we have always used, the delta loop. Please check the Web Site for information on this design. This is why the number of stations will be fewer than last year. The fewer the stations, the less chance for interference, especially between CW and phone. This is why QRP will be limited only to contacts by solar power until the max of 100 points is met, and then it will be shut down. Fred will speak again at a later time to ask for volunteers to set up, take down, prepare food, clean up, and any other support activities needed on this day.

Check out the number of days until and directions to field day on the right side of this blog.

Information regarding support for the bike event coming.