Show The Instruments

This month, Don Jeerings presented his story on “The Instruments Every Ham Should Know and Love.” Well, maybe not every instrument he showed. Most of us recognized the familiar VOM and even the signal generator and scope, but few of us have had a chance to use a Wheatstone bridge since high school Physics. Just goes to show how things have advanced over the years. Thank you Don.

This month was a first for the club, due in no small part to the efforts of Don and Bob. Together they were able to cook up a procedure for projecting live images during presentations. I am sure this technique will be incorporated in many future presentations.

Getting involved with club presentations takes a lot of time, hard work and planning. Next time you see Don and Bob, make sure you thank them. And, if you have the desire, an idea, and some expertise you think might be of interest to the members, let Patrick know. He is always looking for good ideas for club presentations.