And a one, and a two, and a three . . .

Once again, three more success stories. This month we are proud to announce one new Technician, and two upgrades to Extra.

Ernie KG4YNI is seen here congratulating Sarel on his passing the Technician exam. BTW, Sarel happens to be yet another computer programmer. Years ago, the Eastman Kodak company discovered that there seemed to be relationship between the hobby of electronics and the hobby of photography. Are we seeing a new trend these days with ham radio and software engineering? 🙂

Bill, KJ4IAI and Ernie KG4YNIcongratulate the two new Extras: Vincent KE4DYX to the right of Bill, and Timothy KK4DVI to the left of Ernie.

Congratulations all. You did good! Also present, Bill KI4ZMV.