Several New Hams, Upgrades, Plus An Outstanding Presentation By Drew KO4MA

Left to right: Harry KI4FJD, Bill KD8WRQ, Gail KK4YXQ, George KI4NBE, Ken KK4WYG, Bill Paul WW1WDP, Al KA2BVC, and Peggy N4PEG

Drew Glasbrenner KO4MA Vice President Of Operations, AMSAT

The LARC March 2014 presentation was given by AMSAT Vice-President of Operations Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA. Drew has many years of experience in satellite operations and is the control operator for several satellites. He has operated from several locations around the world.

The AMSAT satellite communications talk was extremely interesting. The visual presentation was enhanced by a highly successful live presentation of communications through the FO29 satellite. LARC is very fortunate to have had such a high profile ham radio operator give us this wonderful presentation. You can find Drew listed in several places on the internet with AMSAT and satellite communications.

Drew is also a Geologist and works in the field of ground investigations for sinkholes. His expertise in this area has also taken him to national TV for sinkhole discussions. 
(Richard N4ESS)