LARC Picnic April 2, 2016

The spring picnic this year will be at the Lake Parker Park Park. For the new comers, these events are a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to socialize. Take the boat dock entrance, that’s the second one on the left, if you are coming from Lakeland Hills Boulevard. We usually get the very last pavilion.

The club will provide the burgers and dogs, condiments, and paper plates. You bring a dish to pass, and something to drink. It goes without saying that families are welcome. Rich and Mike will be there at the crack of dawn to reserve our spot and set up. There will be coffee and donuts before the picnic. Things should break up around 2:00 PM.

Our club radio will be operational, but if you would like to bring one of your own, that is fine too. There is plenty of room. There will also be a fox hunt for those interested.

Here are some images from last year. As you can see, we have a bunch of guys working up an appetite before the picnic.

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