Congratulations Joe, KN4KIB On Passing The Tech License

New Technician Joseph Hansel Kn4KIB holding his Certificate.

Ever since EME the sky is no longer the limit for radio communication. Someday MEM will be the thing to try, but not until Hams populate the moon. 🙂

A New Approach To Field Day

Fred reviewed the plans for this year’s field day.

Things will be a little different this year at field day. A committee, headed by Fred,  has been formed to manage the various aspects of this three day event. This includes help with scheduling operators, food preparation, antenna and radio selection, as well as the all important, though much less exciting set up, cleanup, and tear down. In addition to Fred, other team members include Bob Doherty and Jim Stewart on scheduling, Patrick on food, Bill Johnson on setup, cleanup, and tear down. Each team member will be looking for volunteers to assist them.

We are especially encouraging new members to get involved. And, leading the way by example…

Members of the Holzer family, Leon, Aiden with the vacuum, and Liam.
Mom helped too, but the photographer was on the other end of the table
she was helping to move. Our club needs more of this kind of involvement.

Sun and Fun Special Event Station

Tom Ruhlmann, W9IPR discusses plans for this year’s Special Event at Sun and Fun.

Tom reviewed the details for this year’s Sun and Fun Special Event Station. If you like radio and airplanes, this is your chance for a big win win Participants get a free pass to the show, along with some special parking. For details, please contact Patrick. He is a veteran of this event, and can fill you in. Sun and fun will start April 10th this year. Be sure to check with Patrick well in advance

The Citrus Tour May 5th and 6th 2018
The main speaker for this evening was Mike Breese, W2YS. Mike made a request for help with this event. Several positions need to be filled. Radio operators are required at each rest station. Operators with vehicles capable of transporting bike and biker are also needed. Finally, operators are needed at command center. Dinner will be held for participants. More information is available at 

Our club contacts for this event are Bob Doherty, or for the skinny from the man who has done this the last ten years running, Larry Walker, KI4DNO. You an contact Larry at

Darrell Davis KT4WX recently appointed Mike Bresse W2YS as an Assistant Section Manager for the Special Project of the Bike MS Citrus Tour.  Bresse is the new amateur radio coordinator for the Bike MS Citrus Tour starting this year and had previously been the SAG vehicle coordinator for a number of years.

For those who missed Techcon, once again, Darrell did an outstanding job of lining up speakers to meet just about everyone’s interest.


AA4HT Robert Van Winkle Amateur Extra YES NO
K1DU Frederick Delaney Amateur Extra YES NO
K2OU Gary Perkins Amateur Extra NO NO
K4JZ William Aten Amateur Extra LIFE NO POL-933
KA2BVC Alwin Pogue Amateur Extra YES NO
KG4PWF James Scott General NO NO POL-173A
KI4CDY Patrick O’Neil Amateur Extra YES YES POL-219A
KI4DNO Larry Walker General YES YES POL-218A
KI4EFL Donald Jeerings General NO NO
KI4NBE George Gafford Amateur Extra NO NO POL-316A
KI4WRX David Zdanowicz Amateur Extra YES YES
KI4ZMV William Johnson Amateur Extra YES NO POL-840
KJ4AFB Patricia Morris General YES YES
KK4VCN Eleanor Marshall Technician NO NO
KM4BAO Robert Doherty General YES NO POL-829
KM4STS Liam Holzer General NO NO
KM4STT Aimee Holzer General NO NO
KM4STU Leon Holzer General NO NO
KN4CHP James Edmonson General YES NO
KN4FBD John McCullough Technician YES NO
KT2T Michael Oliver Amateur Extra LIFE YES POL-322A
N4KWR Kevin Rought General YES YES POL-868
N4PEG Margaret Lang Amateur Extra YES NO HIL-1000
N6MRS Michael Shreve General YES NO
N7CUC Samuel Shaver Amateur Extra NO NO
NJ4Y Matthew Stevens Amateur Extra YES YES POL-680A
W4EMT Eric Clark Amateur Extra NO NO
W4JGC J. Culler Amateur Extra YES NO POL-560A
W4ZSC Albert Sheppard Amateur Extra YES NO POL-843
W7STR Springer Rush Amateur Extra YES NO
W8DUK Richard Grubb Amateur Extra YES NO POL-782
WX4AMS Andrew Stevens General YES YES POL-838
WZ1P Daniel Gagnon Amateur Extra NO NO
W2YS Mike Bresse Extra
KK4ASE Mike Gearhart Extra
N4WDH Duane Archibald Extra
KK4PFA Mike Lipsey General
W9IPR Thomas Ruhlmann Extra
New Members
KN4JNX Eric Grenier Technician
K1OPQ David Perrin Extra