Charlie Bukoski Becomes A Silent Key

You are invited to attend a Celebration of Charlie’s Life on Sept 28th, at 6 PM at the QB (Quiet Birdmen) Shack on the Sun n Fun Campus. It will be an informal gathering with drinks, snacks, and cake. Charlie loved a good party and never passed up a piece of cake.  Be casual and plan to bring a tale or two that Charlie would enjoy.  Regrets only  by Sept 24th. to

Charles (Charlie) Bukoski, WD4LKY,  became a silent key on August 6.2018.

Charlie passed away following a septic bacterial infection while traveling in his motor home in Iowa. He was being treated for Multiple Myeloma for 2.5 years and his depleted immune system was unable to overcome the massive infection. He is survived by his wife, Judy (KB4BDQ), two sons, 3 grandchildren, and one sister.