Sharon Ann Kohler Wilkinson Passes

Obituary for Sharon Ann Kohler Wilkinson,  
     Wife of W4GFW,  GLEN WILKINSON, member of ZAARC
May 25 1948 to January 16 2019
This is one of the hardest things that I have ever done, to write the life of my Wife.
Sharon was diagnosed with leukemia on December 2nd 2016. through the whole
treatment process she kept a positive and happy attitude. As time went by she would
talk about the things that we could do, and the places we could go. Always looking
toward a cancer free life and life as was before.. this last year has been hard on her
health and she had to spend many days in the Moffitt Cancer center to bring her
back in line with normal life. Treatments seemed to slow down and more time in
hospital was needed to again bring her back to feeling good.
Sharon and I talked about life and what would happen when there would be a time
that our time together would end. Sharon wanted to be part of a medical study for
advancement in Leukemia research. She hoped that her contribution to this
research would lead to a cure for CML leukemia.
After 50 years of life together I have had to say good bye to my partner, my love,
my wife. When you read this please hug your partners and be thankful for the time
you have together. Sharon found a message that she loved and she wanted all of you