Starting Wednesday at 11:00 AM Rag Chew Two

We are trying something new.
Well, sorta new. Bill Paul volunteered to head up a rag chew on our club’s repeater, Wednesdays starting at 11:00 AM. The time and day may change at his discretion. This is a great opportunity for all hams, but especially those new to amateur radio. Bill will focus on good radio technique.

Some of you may remember the club’s original 2 at 2 rag chew that was headed up by Charley Gribble several years ago. Charley is alive and well and hopefully will join in on the fun as Bill takes up the reigns on Wednesdays.

So what is a rag chew anyway?
Here is one definition. A rag chew is a long informal conversation between two or more amateur radio operators. This is generally what amateur radio operators do on the radio when they’re not contesting, testing equipment, bouncing signals off the moon or meteor showers, providing communications in national emergencies, sending still or moving pictures or text back and forth, connecting to packet radio networks, and partaking in nets.