Simplex Net ARES Test

For those of you who want to know just how far your radio can reach on simplex, this is your chance. Plan to join in on the Simplex Net.

Information on the Net can be found on the ARES website under the Simplex Net tab.
Here are the dates and times of the next two events:  
     March 9th – 10AM – UHF, 7PM – VHF

     March 23rd – 10AM – VHF, 7PM – UHF

Frequencies will depend on your location. You must visit the Polk ares site to determine the frequencies for your location in the county.

 (Scroll down to the map showing the four quadrants.)

Norman Xanders, WX4NEX, is our designated ARES Simplex NCO and will be running these.  He is also the Polk ARES Net Manager. Norman is also a new LARC member.

Be sure to visit the link above and click on the link to Simplex Net. There you will find information on frequencies and procedures.

Information provided by Jim Stewart Polk ARES Emergency Coordinator