You asked for it…you got it! The classifieds are back!

That’s right, friends…the classified ads are back! The classified page will be at the top of the blog page on the right. If you wish to place an ad, please email Jimmy Russ, AB4KA at with the following information:

  • Item description and condition
  • Cost
  • Sellers name, callsign and contact information (phone number and/or email address)

Ads will be listed for (approximately) two weeks. If an item is sold or needs to be re-listed, please email Jimmy.

Now for the rules (there are always rules)…

ALL transactions shall be conducted solely between the individual parties involved. The Lakeland Amateur Radio Club has no pecuniary interest in any transaction and bears no liability therein regarding any transaction.

Also, if you wish to conduct a transaction on behalf of a 3rd party (i.e. on behalf of a Silent Key), please ensure to protect the privacy of the 3rd party and make sure they are not contacted by anyone seeking to take advantage of them.

Happy selling!