The airwaves are hot this weekend!

It’s a great time to be working the airwaves!  Courtesy of it’s easy to see that the bands will be hot with…

  • California QSO Party
  • TRC DX Contest
  • Oceania DX Contest (SSB)
  • RSGB DX Contest
  • SKCC QSO Party (for the CW ops among us)

You don’t have to be a contester to get involved…it’s a great way to pick up new counties, states and countries and most of all, have fun!
There are also a number of great special event stations on this weekend, including…

  • The Lester Dent-Doc Savage Special Event
  • The New England Wireless & Steam Museum Yankee Steam-Up
  • National Fire Prevention Week Special Event

Visit for details on the Special Event stations.

Let’s get those rigs fired up and put those licenses to work. See you on the air!