It’s ARRL Sweepstakes SSB Weekend!

Once again it’s time for the November Sweepstakes (ok, CW weekend was two week ago)! ARRL’s November Sweepstakes is the oldest U.S. based contest, having been around since 1930, and has it’s roots in traffic handling, thus the somewhat complicated exchange.

Sweepstakes is a great way to sharpen your H.F. operating skills, and it’s a fun way to spend some time on the air as one doesn’t need a killer station to make lots of contacts and work plenty of states and counties. The ultimate Sweepstakes goal is a “Clean Sweep”, which is to work all 84 U.S. and Canadian ARRL/RAC Sections, which is definitely a challenge in these times of diminished solar activity.

Visit for details, and see you on the air!