It’s Solder Time

Before kit building commenced there were several announcements. Steve KD4MBH gave an update on the status of the Emergency Operations Center, EOC, located at the Lakeland Police Department. We might be able to make the ham radio equipment at this facility available for one weekly LARC net each month. This would demonstrate amateur radio capability in case of an emergency, as well as insure that we are operational at all times.

LARC board member Tom KJ4WFS circulated a questionnaire seeking to uncover club interest in contesting. This information might inspire a future presentation, and perhaps an additional special interest group. The club already has two of these, the SloPok Net dedicated to CW, and QRP Kit Building. (See the menu bar to the right.)

Fred made a pitch for field day, prefaced by Ernie’s overarching view of the purpose of Field Day. He noted that the goal of Field Day was primarily to raise awareness with the public of the kind of support ham radio operators can supply in the event of an emergency, and secondarily, to make contacts. We have other venues for picnics, so this year food will be everyone’s personal responsibility. Bring your own.

If you missed the meeting, yet wish to participate in field day exercises either by supplying equipment or signing up for a operation slot, email Fred K1DU at . There will be plenty to do, and I am sure Fred will welcome your support. Field day is a big event, and a complex undertaking. Many hands make the work light. So plan to volunteer.

Rip reported that the March of Dimes Walk was a great success. He had more than enough ham volunteers to fill the positions along the route. He thanked all who participated.

Lastly, Ren KG4BAS invited all interested in QRP to an outing of the Central Florida QRP Group West. The event will take place Saturday, May 14, starting at 9:00 AM, at Lake Parker Park, Bring your QRP rig and join in, or just bring your self. Bring a picnic lunch if you plan to stay a while.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to kit building. Some completed their projects at this time. No small feat considering all the activity in the room. It takes incredible concentration to work under such adverse conditions, a trait not lacking in most hams. Those who didn’t quite finish at the meeting will complete their projects at home.

Judging from the activity in the room, everyone had a good time, and in spite of a few frustrating moments and a burnt finger or two, the soldering project was an outstanding success. Kudos to the board, especially to Patrick KI4CDY for driving this project, and to Gary KS4JI for presenting the project overview last month, and his guidance this month.

Caught deep in concentration, Laura NO4OO and Mike KT2T work or their kits. I was told that both were first time kit builders, and I know for a fact that both completed their project before they left.

Also caught in deep concentration, Charley KI4CRI.