Happy New Year!

LARK’s 2012 kickoff meeting got the year off to a great start. Prior to the meeting three candidates passed their Amateur Radio License exams. Congratulations to all. See below for more detail. During the meeting Mike KT2T, Bill KI4ZMV, and Dan WZ1P shared their thoughts on the club’s web site, blog, and weekly net in that order. This was followed by presentations of appreciations to the outgoing President, Ernie KG4YNI, and outgoing treasurer Bob, KI4CDZ. After the presentations, our new president Patrick KI4CDY announced plans for a picnic and special events station being organized by Fred K1DU. More details will follow. The future looks bright!

Outgoing president, Ernie Haynes receives an award for job well done by new president Patrick O’Neal.

Marvin Johnson receives an award for his outstanding service and dedication to LARC as Treasurer.

Bill KJ4IAI and Ernie KG4YNI congratulate Anthony KJ4FWO on his successful completion of the Extra Exam.

Bill KG4IAI congratulates Kimbra French on her successful completion of the Technician exam, while Bill N2WFU congratulates a Mathew KK4FEM, a new General. No, these pictures were not taken at the beach. The setting was inspired by Bill KJ4IAI. Also in attendance was VE and club photog Bill KI4ZMV.