PSK31 Anyone?

PSK 31 is a relatively new amateur mode. Incredibly, in the space of one voice QSO, mode PSK 31 allows nearly ten digital conversations. Bandwidth economy is not the only amazing feature of this mode. Its ability to span large distances with relatively low power, 25 watts or fewer, is its other claim to fame.
Members of LARC look on as Glen and Judson demonstrate the mode.

Glen WB4KW is seen in the foreground to the right showing off the some of the many features of Ham Radio Deluxe, the preferred software for communicating in PSK31.

Glen was half of a two man team making the presentation. His partner Judson KJ4IDH can bee seen at the far end of the counter working a second PSK31 station. In the foreground, Charlie KI4CRI, wife Norma KI4HIM, and Fred K1DU look on.