March For Babies

Patrick KI4CDY was net control for this event.
With the help of the club repeater he 
maintained constant contact with all the dedicated hams
giving their all for a good cause.
Marven KI4CDZ kept a careful eye on the stores by his
station. One package of cookies per person!
Don KI4EFL does his best to control the walkers.
It can get dicey at events like this.
You have to watch your back, and be ready
for the unexpected. 
Finally, at mission end, it is time to debrief.
Actually, we all got t-shirts to mark the occasion.
Left to right, Marvin KI4CDZ, Tom KJ4WFS, 
Larry KI4DNO, Trudy KI4OFV , and Mike KT2T.

Also present but not shown was Bill KI4ZMV.