Sam Gardner N4MCW Passes

LAKELAND – Samuel A. Gardner passed away on April, 17, 2012 at the age of 92 in his home from natural causes related to age.

Sam was born on July 4, 1919 in Brooklyn NY. After working as a chemical engineer for Shell Oil for a number of years. Sam came to Lakeland in 1972 with Davy Power Gas and was in charge of many projects globally for the company until his retirement.

Sam was a veteran and served both in the US and overseas as a Major in the Marine Corps during WWII. Sam had a very inquisitive nature and as such had a wonderfully diverse life. Sam was an avid reader, handball player, runner and swimmer. Sam was also over the years a member of the computer club and Ham radio club in Lakeland. Sam was also a charter member of the Imperial Polk County Obedience Club (IPOC) and was a nationally certified and recognized dog judge for a number of breeds as well as obedience and tracking. Sam also had the singular experience of being on a plane that was hijacked to Cuba in 1969.

Sam was preceded in death by his wife Margaret Gardner (2003) who was by his side for over 50 years. Sam will be missed by the many friends whose lives he touched over the years with his unique personality, and also by his Golden Retriever companion CJ.