March Madness 2013


In life there is always good news and bad news. The bad news is that our program had to be postponed for a month. The good news is that we were entertained by the Rockmites, a famous fifties rock group. Just a little fib. 🙂

From left to right Bob N4BVO, Mike KK4PFA, Kent KK4OGN ,Patrick KI4CDY, Roberto KK4PEZ, Al W4ZSC. Bob made Extra, Mike and Roberto Tech, and Kent General. Congratulations to all.

As you can see from the picture, the meeting was well attended. Patrick made good use of the time by sharing plans for upcoming events including the “March for Babies,” a picnic, “bring a friend month,” a dinner meeting, and field day. Fred had some words to say about field day as well. Patrick asked how many would be interested in a Simplex Saturday event. Several in the room responded positively and in fact there will be a Simplex event this Saturday, 3/9/2013. The time will be 1500 Hrs. local, frequency 147.47 MHZ. A great opportunity for some of us to try out those Yagi antennas we have been building.

Last weekend there was a hamfest held in Zephyrhills which several of our club attended. Peggy N4PEG won a Ham Test online subscription for the Technician license which she is donating to the club. Might be a nice door prize for “bring a friend” night.

 The grand prize winner was Jessie K9GTO. Jessie is a snow bird, and no stranger to the Tuesday morning breakfast get togethers. He is the proud owner of brand new HT. Congratulations Jessie!