April Fools Day

From left to right, Joel KK4KNS, Randy KK4QAU, George KI4NBE, Ron KK4OGM, Patrick KI4CDY, Peggy N4PEG, and Travis W4WIL. A plethora of new Generals! Welcome. You are now at liberty to roam most of the HF bands. Hope to see you guys and gal at future meetings.
From left to right, Ernie KG4YNI, Harry KK4QAW,George KI4NBE, Patrick KI4CDY, and Bill KK4QAT. Welcome Harry and Bill to the wonderful institution of Ham Radio. You have entered the ranks of Ham. Your life will not be the same. Among other things, starting from this day forward you will be required to replace the term five bars with a precise S number.
Would You Buy A Bridge From This Man?
I believe most would. Chet had even the most technical of the group convinced that he was telling the truth. His antenna story is right up there with Google Nose. April Fools!!!
That bridge in the background is the Brooklyn Bridge, and it is for sale. Chet will entertain any reasonable offer. He looks forward to your call.
Highlights of Patrick’s Presentation

q       In case you forgot, dues are due.
q       Patrick passed around the plaque commemorating Bob’s Scott’s gift to the club. It will be attached to the Kenwood 440 he so generously donated, just before he became an SK.
q       There will be a picnic at Lake Parker April 20th. Burgers and hots will be supplied, bring something to drink, and either a side or desert. Activities will include a fox-hunt and some HF work utilizing the donated Kenwood 440.
q       The March for Babies will be held on April 27th. This is always a fun event, for a good cause. It is also a good excuse to get some exercise by providing radio support for this event. Contact Patrick for more details and check your email for announcements.
q       Hurricane Expo will be held Jun 1, Lake Eva hall in Haines City.
q       June 3rd the club will sponsor a Bring a Friend Night. Each of us is asked to bring a friend. The evening’s program will be organized around what ham radio is all about. The main presenter will be Fred.
q       Field Day is coming up. It will be June 22 and 23 this year. Check the blog for details. As of today there are only 79 days to go.
q       To raise money for field day, Joan Haynes will create a special Fourth of July Red White and Blue quilt to be auctioned off at a dollar a chance starting next month. If you know anything about the value of quilts, or the kind of workmanship that goes into them, you wont want to miss out on this great opportunity. Good luck!
q       Finally, July 1, Jimbo’s will cater another barbecue for the club. Venue and food will be the same as Christmas. Please pay $9.00 per person in advance to either Ernie or Patrick.  

Highlights of Ernie’s Presentation
Ernie shared a few enthusiastic words about his experience on the SS American Victory, and suggested that some of us might want to visit her. She is now a museum ship, located in Tampa, right behind the Aquarium. You can get more information about tours and even a short cruse on this WWII vessel at http://www.americanvictory.org/

And now, transitioning from boats to boat anchors…
       take it away, Phil.

It’s A Jungle Out There
Who wouldn’t e frightened by that tangled mess. Such a plethora of parts and wires!
All of us have been exposed to integrated circuitry, and assume its primary value is its ability to contain an extraordinary number of transistors in a very small space, but in fact, the most overlooked, and perhaps the greatest value of the integrated circuit is the elimination of external connecting wires. This comes at a price, however. As Phil pointed out in his talk, along with the good comes the bad. Unfortunately, newer rigs, while easier to manufacture and more powerful, are also more difficult, if not impossible to repair.
At the end of his presentation, Phil donated a plethora of parts to the club.
The Plethora
Some of us are collectors. (The terms pack rat and squirrel-like are perhaps too harsh.) Some of us are more self controlled than others when it comes attaching to stuff. And then, there are others who are not tempted, simply because we have no clue what it is. Even if you didn’t find something of value, it was still fun to look. The true optimist knows there has to be a pony here somewhere. 🙂
And just in case you need
a better explanation of plethora watch this short clip.