June 2013

Left to right, Al W4ZSC, Jimmy KG4QGB, Ernie KG4YNI, Geoffrey KK4RRX, Patrick KI4CDY, and George KI4NBE. Jimmy has moved on up to Extra. Geoffrey to Tech, then General in one sitting. Outstanding!

Left to right, George KI4NBE, Jack KK4RRW, Seth Norman KK4SDY, and Al W4ZSC. Both Jack and Seth earned their Technicians License. Congratulations.

A big happy birthday to Glen Culler. Pictured here left to right are Glen W4JGC, devoted XYL Lois, Peggy N4PEG, and Rich N4ESS. That is the USS United States on the table, reminding us that the Culler’s have an ocean cruise in their future. Safe and happy voyage!