Sneak Peek At Field Day 2013

Field day is just around the corner and this year, as in previous years, it will be a fun time.
First, the stations: there will be four this year. They are:

  1. CW on 15, 40, and possibly 20 meters
  2. CW and phone on 10 meters and 80 meters
  3. Phone and possibly CW on 20 meters
  4. Phone on 15 and 40 meters
If you would like to practice logging before the event, you can download the software we will be using. It will be good for only thirty entries, but that should be enough practice for you to get the hang of what is involved. Download your copy at You are encouraged to become familiar with it before field day.

If you are going to help with setup, plan to be there at the crack of dawn, Saturday, (6:00AM or so). Tear down will be Sunday, noonish. In between there will be lunch and supper on Saturday, and Breakfast on Sunday.

Be there, and plan on having a great time.