2014 Kick Off Meeting

New ham, new member, welcome Brian Varner, KK4WHA!  
Wir haben kein Bier, aber viel gute Laune.

New Pres, welcome Rich!
While we have a new year, and new president, we will continue with the same strategy that that has made us successful in the past. Service, Education, and Comradary. Starting with January’s meeting and continuing throughout the year, our team has planned a series of interesting and educational programs.

New take on PSK31, welcome Rick!
Rick, ND4Z was kind enough to share his knowledge of PSK31 with the group. This is not the first time this topic has been presented, but every time it is, we see this mode from an entirely different perspective. Rick’s presentation was no exception. Word has it, that he made it look so easy, some of us are going to give it a try. 🙂

New toy for NASCAR fan, awesome George!
OK, so why is George holding a piston with his name on it? There was some talk about Santa, but I thought he traveled by sleigh. I guess you might say that while Rick ND4Z is big on South Cars, George’s thing is NASCARS. 🙂