Smooth Sailing For All Candidates!

Left to right: Richard Grubb-W8duk, Doug Herbert-KM4BYQ, Peggy Lang, Glenn Culler, Wilson Rry-KM4BYS, Mike Shreve- KK4UGD, and Randy Wildman.

After reviewing the test results,  Rich introduced Fred who covered a battery of details in preparation for the upcoming Field Day Ofensive.

After Fred, Don demonstrated how to measure rainfall with the official CoCorah rain gauge.

Finally, we had no less than two birthdays this month. Please note, that only Glen was willing to share his age. On the rare occasions when Al shares his age, it is rumored that he prefers the Juperian calendar.

Field Day Marshal Fred addresses the troops before Operation Field Day 2014.

 Singing in the rain Don (“Kelly”) demonstrates how to read a rain gauge. Hat is optional. 🙂

Now that’s what I call a cake! We may be amatures when it comes to radio, but when it comes to eating, we are professionals all.

Al has been know to tell Marge and others that after someone put a hex on him he believes he is only 4B years old. Sounds evasive to me. 🙂