Al’s Experience With The Segate Wireless Router.

As hams we make purchases from time to time. What better place to share our experiences than in the club’s blog. I invite everyone who has recently purchased a new, or new to them rig to share their experience with the group. Al was nice enough to give us an example to model our reporting after. Essentially I am looking for one or two images and a paragraph or two.


I got the Seagate wireless to working this evening. It is very user friendly to set up. It already has folders and is formatted for a PC I was able to drag and drop photos from my main PC at a pretty good clip. I do not have USB 3.0 which would have made it even faster but still did 18 GB in about 15 minutes. I then deleted some of that, and it went much faster on the delete than the transfer. I downloaded the Seagate App to my iPad, and had the usual Apple App problems but after careful reading, I accessed the photos and Seagate sample of video and docs on the Apple with speed that is certainly satisfactory—faster than my Internet connection by far. My next task is to drag some photos to permanent storage on the iPad from the Seagate. Tomorrow, I hope. Once again, I do not consider the iPad to be very friendly in that there is no equivalent of Windows Explorer which I use a lot—we’ll see. So far it is a really useful and neat tool. They say it will hold 300 videos and accommodate three users (phones, tablets or laptops)simultaneously. The 2TB would do even more.

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