Looking Forward To The February 2015 Meeting

February’s speaker will be Buddy WB4OMG. He will both demonstrate and speak on the subject of weak signal propagation.

To get the most out of this event requires a little extra effort on your part. A demo is scheduled twenty minutes before the meeting, so come twenty to thirty minutes or so early so that you can participate. Bring your dual band HT’s.

Buddy WB4OMG will park his car outside the entrance. It will be configured with his Contest “Rover” setup, consisting of a Jetta with a IC 7100. This configuration has a drive over mount, that supports a 12 foot mast. On this mast are a dipole for 6M and yagis for 2m and 70 cm.

Don, WA3RGQ, of Winter Haven, a very experienced Weak Signal Op, has agreed to attend the meeting. He will be available to answer questions before and after the meeting.

The superiority of SSB vs FM will be demonstrated prior to the meeting. Radios used in the demo will be equipped with special loop antennas. Before the meeting, Dave will drive far enough away that he can not communicate using FM. Buddy and Dave will then switch to SSB and have a QSO. LARC members are encouraged to bring their 2m/70cm dual band H/Ts so that they can participate in at least the FM portion of the demo.

Lastly, Buddy will demonstrate a 5.7 GHz station during his presentation.

So plan to come early, and bring your HT’s. Make this meeting a hands on event.