Three New Techs In Tampa

From left to right, club president Rich N4ESS, VE coordinator Peggy N4PEG, Brian Noriega KM4JVY, Leroy Doughty KM4JVX, and past club president Ernie KG4YNI. Congratulations to all for a fine job. Now get on the radio. 🙂

Shown here being congratulated by Peggy N4PEG and Ernie KG4YNI is Ray Valdez KM4JVZ. It is great to know that you are never too old to learn. That said, sometimes larger print can make all the difference in the world. 🙂 Great job Ray. Hope to hear you on the radio some time in the near future.

A special thanks has to go to Billy Swartz KH6POI for his part in preparing these fine young men to take the test. That’s what ham radio is all about.