So what have you been doing in radio this week?

We hear this question every week on the net. This was an easy one  for John KK4ITX, who just completed building a Moxon antenna.

So what is a Moxon, and how much moxie do you need to put one together? For starters, the Moxon is basically a two element antenna, with one driven and one reflector section. The unique feature is that the ends of both sections are bent in toward each other forming a rectangle with a gap where two of the sides of a rectangle would normally join. A diagram should help. And yes, there is a computer program to help you with the dimensions, which depend on the band you are designing for. More on that later.

This is what John’s Moxon looks like.

The Moxon can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Looks pretty simple, stealthy, and compact. John’s 440 measures less than 10 – inches in its long dimension. Here are the numbers he used.

This is not the best place to go into all the details, but the following link will provide the information you will need to get started. And yes, you will find the software needed to design your very own there as well.

So, what have you been doing in radio this week? Please take the time to share with others. That’s a key part of calling yourself a ham. Hope to hear from you soon.
And once again, thank you John KK4ITX. John’s email, should you have questions is: