Keeping In Touch

 I thought it might be nice to share this. Many of you know Bob, and might enjoy learning what he is up to.

Hi Bill,

A lot has changed with LARC since our trip North to our summer home in Franklin, N.C. You now have a new meeting place, Field Day has come and gone, a Tail Gate, and now a picnic. I regret missing the meetings and all of those events. I expect to see familiar faces at the LARC meeting in November.

I have been very active with MARS ( Military Affiliate Radio System) and my interest in and proficiency with the Digital Modes is getting exercised regularly. You may recall Glen _ _ 4 K W, from Winter Haven presented PSK-31 at one of the LARC meetings two or three years ago. Since my hearing Sierra, Uniform, Xray, and my eye site is still good, I found digital modes fascinating. The list of digital modes I’ve used keeps growing. It all started with PSK-31, then on to MFSK, MT63, Olivia, RTTY, and THOR. Each of those modes also have a variety of parameters available. MARS has provided an opportunity to use Military developed Digital software some of which uses encryption / decryption and all kinds of ‘secret’ stuff. MARS operates outside of the Amateur Radio Band, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scan, find, and listen in. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to provide MARS frequencies.

I participate with the local Franklin Amateur Radio Club, help out with the repeater site maintenance on the top of a mountain, serve as Net Control Station twice a month, and haven’t missed but one meal. We meet to eat every week, alternating weekly breakfast and lunch at different area restaurants. If the month has a 5th Thursday, we have a dinner meeting. FYI, the trip UP to the repeater is a 7 1/2 mile drive on single lane gravel road up and around more curves than I care to count.

There are several folks in the Franklin Amateur Radio Club from Fl. The group made the XYL and I feel welcome on day one, and that was 3 years ago. If you plan a trip or vacation, don’t forget to take your VHF radio along. You will meet the nicest people on the other end of the radio waves.
Thought you might want to share with the club.

73, wishing everyone good health.

Zephyrhills, FL & Franklin, N.C.

P.S. Navy Marine Corp MARS will come to an end 30 Sept. 2015.
Air Force and Army MARS will continue to support the Department of Defense
with emergency communications if / when the need arises