Three With Bragging Rights And Another Great Performance by Daryl Davis

Left to right and pictured above are Richard, Glenn, Roger KG4GGG, a new Extra, Randy KM4NUZ a new Tech, Peggy VE Coordinator, and last but not least George. Also taking the test, but not able to make it to the beach was Austin Kline KM4DNB who passed the General.

Daryl Davis gave yet another rousing presentation, this time on the Arduino micro controller.These inexpensive devices are popular with many hams. Coupled with the right kind of sensor they can be made to display temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, distance, latitude and longitude, as well as drive servo and stepper motors. With the proper interface they can be made to turn most anything you can imagine on or off. At least one Amateur Radio on the market utilizes a micro controller from the same family as that on the Arduino Uno. This is the TenTec Rebel.

Once again, Christine Duez KK4KJN WCF Section Youth Coordinator filled us in on what she does. You can learn more about Christine and her activities with youth at CLICK HERE