Kathleen Historical Society 25th Anniversary

The Kathleen Historical Society is having their 25th Anniversary Celebration this Saturday, March 19. This will be a great opportunity to meet the locals, and promote the club. This event will start at 8 am and go to 2 pm. All LARC members are encouraged to participate, even if it means dropping by for a few minutes. If this is anything like previous years events, there will be a lot to see, eat, and you may even find a good deal on a nick knack or two you can live without. Rich will be there Wednesday to pick a prime location for us, to insure we get a lot of traffic. I look forward to seeing you there.

There will be live entertainment, vendors, silent auction, children’s activities, pioneer life exhibit and skills, demonstrations like cane grinding/syrup making, and whip cracking, drawings, southern style vittles, local dignitaries, and More.

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