October 2017


N4INI is now a General. Good work!. He is congratulated by Peggy N4PEG, our testing coordinator, and VE Mike Shreve N6MRS standing to the right.


Good Job!

Liam Holzer, KM4STS receives an award for outstanding participation at field day. This was his first opportunity to exercise his privileges on HF as a General on Field Day. With Liam is Peggy N4PEG left, and presenting the award, Andrew WX4AMS right.

Our Speaker

Buddy Morgan WB4OMG shared his experiences on his recent DX-pedition to the Bahamas. One of the unique aspects of this trip was the the radio spectrum targeted. 220 Mega Hertz and above! Those who know Buddy know that this is his specialty.

Great Turnout!

We had an exceptional turnout this evening. 57 by one count. Feel free to try you hand at counting yourself. 🙂

Attendance Sign-Ins