A Handy Tool To Locate Repeaters and Hams

Sooner or later every new ham is going to ask, what repeaters are available in my county, and who are the fellow hams who live near me in my zip code? These are two questions easily answered using a handy link on our blog. You can find it by scrolling down the right sidebar until you see Helpful Links

Click on the second entry, Frequency Lookup Ham and Non Ham.

From the main menu of Radio Reference.com, click on Database, then from the pull down menu, select Frequency Database. We can look at the Amateur Radio Database later. 


After clicking on Frequency Database you will be presented with a map of the United States. 
For this example, click on Florida, and then on Polk County. 

Next click on Amateur Radio on the second level menu. This will present you with a list of all 
the repeaters in Polk County.  

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find a list of all the zip codes in Polk County. Clicking on any one zip code will display a list of all hams in your zip. 

Now, for the option I said I would get back to, namely Amateur Radio, which we first encountered under All Databases on the main menu. Selecting Amateur Radio will allow you to look up any ham by call sign or last name. Like QRZ, registration is required for more detail.

I hope you have found this helpful. And, if you get the chance, please thank George Mann for pointing this site out to me. 

73 Bill