Field Day 2018

This is the event you have been waiting for all year! 

This Saturday is Field Day! Last minute plans are already underway. If you are part of a team, make sure you show up at the agreed time to do your part.

  • Bill KI4ZMV will be handling set up and take down. This will start Friday, 3:00 PM. Take down will be Sunday morning.
  • Patrick KI4CDY is finalizing the dinner plans for Saturday which include pulled pork, barbecued chicken, and coleslaw. Members are asked to bring a dish to pass and something to drink. The club will supply water. Deserts are always a favorite. 
  • Jim W4XDS will be heading up operations. The sign up sheet follows. If you are not on the list, just show up, or contact Jim, 863-521-1511.

Name Call sign Mode-CW /SSB Operate at night? 06/24/18 06/25/18 Phone #
Victor Saxe N4FRK SSB Maybe NR NR 863-858-1752
Eleanor Marshall KK4VCN Setup + Logging Unsure Unsure Unsure 407-3191108
Peggy Kennedy N4PEG SSB NR NR NR 813-240-5614
Patty Morris KJ4AFB NR NR NR Teardown 863-815-9657
Fred Delaney K1DU CW Yes Yes Yes 863-210-5960
David Zdanowicz KI4WRX SSB Yes Yes Night 863-844-2062
Herman Smith ( Top) WB6ZEQ SSB Yes Yes Night 863-816-0658
Buddy Morgan WBOMG CW No Yes None 863-816-8949
Kenny Kozla KM4UYX Setup +SSB No Day Day 863-844-2062
Liam Holzer KM4STS SSB Yes SSB/Setup Cleanup 863-6821689
Tyler Rought None NA NA NA Cleanup 863-944-8621
Andrew Stevens WX4AMS SSB No Any Any 863-280-4385
“Rip” Van Wrinkle AA4HT CW/SSB Yes Any Any 863-853-1400
Greg Burton K1TZD Setup 863-859-9699
Mike Shreve N6MRS Setup +CW Yes Overnite 863-682-2652
George Mann KJ4UW SSB Yes Overnite 863-984-381?
James Russ AB4KA Crew Breakdown 863-944-5646
George Gafford KI4NBE SSB Yes Any Any 863-875-5919
Robert Criggs N4HCZ CW Maybe Any Any 863-868-7812
Kevin Rought N4KWR SSB Yes Any Any 863-393-4336
Chet Carruth AB4XK CW Copy ARRL CW 863-581-7486
Not on a sheet but participating
Rich Kennedy 1-863-240-5614
Matthew Stevens 1-863-585-9612
Bill Johnson 1-863-216-6554
Jim Stewart 1-863-521-1511
Maybe’s – Not signed up yet.
Sam Shaver N7CUC
Christopher LeBlanc K4QW