Friday Morning Breakfast At Fred’s

The following was provided by Don Jeerings.

The Fred’s Friday morning breakfast club is intended to be a complementary (not a replacement) for the club the club’s Tuesday breakfast at the BrunchBox. It features, quieter environment, better food selection, more comfortable seating, and better atmosphere. Their blue plate special consists of all you can stack on your plate, plus coffee for $6.71, but you have to be there before 8:30 AM.
At Fred’s we are able to meet and discuss (among us) the real subjects of Ham Radio. There is a meeting room available if we have enough attending.

Don Jeerings KI4EFL 

Kn4Lew  Dan, KN4SAU John, KI4CRI Charlie, Bob Shanchez, Call not renewed, Dian Dian Shanchez,  XYL wife of Bob, AG4E  Robert, K4ZVU, KI4EFl  Don, N7CUC SAM.