Picnic March 30, 2019

Make mine well done please!

Another LARC picnic is a warm memory. We couldn’t ask for better weather, company, or food. 

Two new antenna configurations were showcased this time around.  One was a rather unique version of an inverted V. The other was a vertical utilizing two above the ground radials. 

The unusual method of  fixing the ends of  this version of an inverted V below works great on both land and sea. Attaching the ends while on a small boat can be problematic. The PVC pipe at the base solves this problem. The combination of wire and pipe gives the impression of a bow and arrow pointed to the ground. The result is a very cleaver solution to a problem. 

Radials are usually laid on the ground, but not always.  There are advantages to using elevated radials as in the setup below. As with any antenna system, the key word is trade off. Theoretically, four elevated radials can be as good as forty on the ground, but the devil is in the details, and this is true only under ideal conditions. There is much written comparing on and above ground radials. For the curious, I suggest you Google comparison of on the ground, and above the ground radial configurations.

Click here for more images from the picnic.