May General Meeting 2019

We have several new Hams and Ham upgrades!

LARC had a very busy testing day. There were seven successful candidates: five Techs, one General and one Extra.Congratulations to all.

From left to right VE John, Ed KN4SAV Extra, Justin KN4UJJ Tech, Gabriel KN4UJK Tech, Larry KN4UJI Tech, Steve KM4QBT General, VE Richard, and VE Bill

From left to right VE Richard, VE/coordinator  Rich, Nate KN4UJM  Tech, Brenda KN4UJL Tech, VE John

Show And Tell

This months Show and Tell featured two mini exhibits. The first was a demonstration of reading barcodes using the same hardware and software the club uses to take attendance every month. The second exhibit was Darrell Davis’s Go Kit pictured below.

Can anyone out there hear me?

We have all asked this question from time to time, especially with band conditions being what they are these days. Our main speaker for the evening, John Leahy KK4ITX, has an answer. John spoke at length on WSPR Net, the tool he uses to determine both band conditions as well as antenna effectiveness. WSPR Net, is a series of listening stations dispersed through out the world. By sending a signal packaged in a specific way and using special software it is possible to determine which of the WSPR stations received your signal. From their location you can then determine both band conditions and the effectiveness of your equipment. Because the system updates frequently it is possible to make meaningful comparisons, for example between two antennas tested minutes apart.

A graphic from John’s presentation demonstrates what is possible. His presentation in entirety can be found on the club’s website at .LARC General Meeting Notes



AA4HT Robert Van Winkle Amateur Extra YES NO
AB1DX Oliver Richards Amateur Extra YES NO
AB4XK Chet Carruth Amateur Extra YES NO
K0ZD John Stanford Amateur Extra YES NO
K1DU Frederick Delaney Amateur Extra YES NO
K4EMT Sarah Clark Amateur Extra NO NO
K4JZ William Aten Amateur Extra LIFE YES POL-933
KB0QMN George Rezac General NO NO
KF4Q William Busbin Amateur Extra YES YES
KF4TPW Lydia Morgan Amateur Extra NO NO
KI4CDY Patrick O’Neil Amateur Extra YES YES POL-219A
KI4NBE George Gafford Amateur Extra NO NO POL-316A
KI4WRX David Zdanowicz Amateur Extra YES YES POL-415A
KI4ZMV William Johnson Amateur Extra YES NO POL-840
KK4BMI David LaFave General LIFE YES
KK4ITX John Leahy Amateur Extra YES YES PAS-607
KK4LYQ William Paul Amateur Extra YES NO POL-834
KK4OGM Ronald Herring Amateur Extra NO NO
KK4VCN Eleanor Marshall Technician NO NO OSC-074
KM4BAO Robert Doherty General YES NO POL-829
KM4CUG Debra Leahy Technician YES NO
KM4DMD John Laurent Amateur Extra YES NO POL-845
KM4QBT John Rogers Technician NO NO
KM4STS Liam Holzer General NO NO
KM4STT Aimee Holzer Amateur Extra NO NO
KM4STU Leon Holzer General NO NO
KN4BOE Thomas Conner General YES NO
KN4FBD John McCullough General YES NO
KN4FRA Susan Pugh Technician NO NO
KN4OTS Harley Leavitt General NO NO
KN4PIH Richard Lennon Technician NO NO
KN4PVO Jesus Perez Technician YES NO
KN4SAU John Beatty General NO NO
N4ESS Richard Kennedy Amateur Extra LIFE NO PAS-570
N4FRK Victor Saxe General NO NO
N4HCZ Robert Griggs Amateur Extra NO NO
N4PEG Margaret Kennedy Amateur Extra YES NO HIL-1000
N6MRS Michael Shreve General YES NO
N7CUC Samuel Shaver Amateur Extra NO NO
NJ4Y Matthew Stevens Amateur Extra YES YES POL-680A
W4EMT Eric Clark Amateur Extra NO NO
W4JGC J. Culler Amateur Extra YES NO POL-560A
W4XDS James Stewart Amateur Extra YES YES
W7STR Springer Rush Amateur Extra YES NO
W8DUK Richard Grubb Amateur Extra YES NO POL-782
WA4MMO Geoffrey Schuck Amateur Extra YES NO
WB4OMG Harmon Morgan Amateur Extra NO NO
WB6ZEQ Herman Smith Amateur Extra NO NO
WX4AMS Andrew Stevens General YES YES POL-838
K2TDR Ringo Breton Amateur Extra
K3JAZ Larry Turner General
KE4IPE Russell Gunter Technician
KI4CRI Charley Gribble Amateur Extra
KK4TBK Frank Fernandez Technician
KN4LEH Dan Dickey Technician
W4OD Michael Smith Amateur Extra
WB8QQR Norm Nissen Advanced
Robert Sanchez
Bing Bartlet
Don Alexander
MinHee Rezac