Thursday Night is Net Night!

Thursday night is net night in the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club! The action kicks off at 6:30 with the Fusion net and Lee, N4HES is net control. At 7:30 is the LARC Trader’s Net on the FM side with Dan, NZ1P as your net control operator (although if anyone else would like to be net control, Dan would be happy to give them the opportunity…it’s always good to have other net control operators available, and Dan can use a night off now and then. As long as we don’t spoil him).

Both nets are on the LARC repeater at 146.685 (-600, PL tone 127.3). In addition, if you have an item for sale and want to list it on the net, be sure to send the information to and we’ll get it listed in the classified ads on the blog.

See you on the nets!