Scenes from the 2020 Warrior Walk

It was a beautiful day for the Warrior Walk Saturday, and while the turnout was much lower than in previous years, the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club was well represented by…

  • Mike Shreve, N6MRS – Local Net Control Station
  • Bob Doherty, KM4BAO – Remote Command Center
  • Bill Aten, K4JZ – Roving Vehicle
  • Ringo Breton, K2TDR – Embedded Walker
  • Stacy Breton, K1TDR – Embedded Walker Monitor
  • John Beatty, KN4SAU – Station One
  • Top Smith, WB6ZEQ – Station Two Commander
  • Glenn Smith, KO4AWJ – Station Two First Mate
  • Gracie – Station Two K9 Security
  • Mike Lunsford, KB4FHP – Station Three Commander
  • Ken Evers, KO4HIF – Station Three First Mate

Many thanks to all who took time out from their weekend to participate and support the club and our community.