Highlights from Special Event Station W4S at Sun ‘n Fun 2021

The Lakeland Amateur Radio Club operated Special Event Station W4S at Sun ‘n Fun 2021. These are just a few of the highlights. Thanks to all who operated the station, including Mike Shreve, N6MRS; George Mann, KJ4UW; Dan Gagnon, NZ1P (and everyone else who operated but whose names were not provided)…and a couple of big shout-outs for Geoff Schuck, WA4MMO and Todd Rush, W7STR for spearheading the event. Many thanks to all for a great event!

Special Event Station W4S
Yeah…your special event station may be cool, but ours has an airplane.
Club President Mike Shreve, N6MRS working CW
George Mann, KJ4UW at the microphone
Since the most important part of any amateur radio event is food, we’re definitely going to need a bigger cooler!