Do something new in 2022!

As we look back on 2021 and look ahead to the new year (it’s already 2022 in much of the world as this is posted), have you considered doing something new in amateur radio this year?

Maybe you’ve considered trying your hand at a contest. The North American QSO Party is coming up in January and it’s a great contest for first-timers (you’re limited to low power and it’s only 10 hours).

Maybe you’ve considered going portable, even activating a part for POTA. It’s lots of fun and you can use equipment you’ve already got! If you’ve ever considered it, there are lots of folks among us who are full of information and tips. PS…check back here soon for more info 😉

Ever thought of doing public service? There are events coming up where hams are always needed to provide communications. The Bike MS Citrus Tour is coming up in March and they always need volunteers.

The Lakeland Amateur Radio Club is always looking for Volunteer Examiners for license testing. There are few experiences in amateur radio as rewarding a new ham pass a license exam.

There may be an entire world of amateur radio that you’ve never considered…all it takes is a little “I think I’d like to try…” to get you on your way!

Best of luck in 2022. May it see us all healthy and happy. 73 and Happy New Year!