Hey! We have an email discussion group, too!

For those who aren’t interested in communicating via social media (or maybe you’re just looking for something different), we have an email discussion list, too!

If you look at the top of this page you’ll see a tab called “LARC Mailing List”. Now this isn’t just any old mailing list. If you click on that tab and sign up, not only will you get the latest and greatest news about the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club (and no spam!), but it’s a great way to communicate with your fellow hams, exchange ideas, talk about radios, talk about antennas, talk about hamfests, talk about pretty much anything you can think of (but please, as in any polite form of communication, keep the politics and religion off of it).

The LARC mailing list isn’t just for dissemination of information…think of it as an open forum where you can express your ideas too (because that’s exactly what it is). Try it out!