Coming Attractions…

The weather is quickly warming up and the snowbirds are leaving, which can only mean that summer is upon us (I know, it officially starts in 3 months but lets face it…we really only have two seasons in Florida, summer and maybe two weeks of winter).

But, we’ve got more than enough coming up to keep us busy!

April 30: March for Babies at Lake Hollingsworth (see blog post of April 6)

April 30-May 1: Florida QSO Party (

May 28: EPARS tailgate in Dade City (disregard the published date, it is confirmed at May 28

May 28: Wormfest (which has to be the greatest name for a hamfest ever) in St Pete (

June 11: The 3rd Annual Dade City Pre-Field Day Tailgate (

June 25-26: FIELD DAY!