The Florida QSO Party is This Weekend!

If you’ve never operated in a contest before and are saying to yourself “What’s all this contest business?”, the Florida
QSO Party is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of contesting.

It runs in two 10 hour increments…from noon until 10pm Saturday and from 8am until 6pm Sunday. For stations outside of Florida, the goal is to work as many Florida stations as you can (including all 67 counties), and for Florida stations the goal is to work as many different states, provinces and countries as possible.

What’s nice about this contest is that everyone wants to work YOU! This especially fun for those who operate mobile or portable as they can go to one of the “rarer” Florida counties and have pile-ups without even trying!

Even if you’re not a “contester” per se, this weekend is a great time to gather additional states and countries because everyone is looking for Florida.

Check out the website for rules and information at

See you on the air!