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Field Day 2019 Was A Great Success!

First we will start with the testers. We have two new Techs, Diane KN4VIH and Bob KN4VII Sanchez. No need to hunt for a background for this picture. Field Day is the perfect local to mark the occasion.

From left to right we have VE Coordinator Peggy N4PEG, new Tech Diane KN4VIH, 
Diane’s husband Bob and also new tech KN4VII, and next to Bob, 
Bill KF4Q Have Antenna, Will Travel 
 Field day was a great success in no small part to those who generously rolled up their sleeves, an did the set up, and most important the take down at the end of the event. If I missed your name, I apologize. Let me know an I will be happy to add you to the list.
Here is the list of those who helped with setup and take down. 
Thank you. 
You made Field Day A Success.
Call Name
AE4RM Roger Meadows
K0ZD John Stanford
K1DU Fred Delaney
KF4Q Bill Busbin
KI4EFL Don Jeerings
KI4ZMV Bill Johnson
KJ4UW George Mann
KK4VCN Eleanor Marshall
KM4BAO Bob Doherty
KM4STS Liam Holzer
KM4STT Aimee Holzer
KM4STU Leon Holzer
KN4BOK Tom Conner
KN4FRA Michelle Pugh
KN4OTS Harley Leavitt
KN4VII Bob Sanchez
N4FRK Victor Saxe
N6MRS Mike Shreve
N7CUC Sam Shaver
NC8I Bob Berquest
NJ4Y Matthew Stevens
WB4OMG Buddy Morgan
WB6ZEQ Top Smith
Aiden Holzer
KN4SAV Ed Schairer
WA4MMO Geoff Schuck
I will post over seventy pictures taken at field, some by me and some by Matthew, but here are a few highlights.  

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Field Day 2018 Was A Smashing Success

Liam and Kenny, the dynamic duo!
Click here to watch the video and read the full story! 

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I would like to thank Kevin for the dramatic image above, all the aerial images, and many of the people pictures in our album. I would also like to thank Don,Rich and others who also contributed photos. There is a lot of photographic talent out there.  

This was a year of firsts.  For starters we were fortunate to have a reporter from the Ledger interview one of our youngest hams. Liam did an outstanding job. Also a first, we had a real power outage when a limb from a tree fell on the power lines feeding the building. We went dark, but the generator kept us on the air. How realistic is that! Another first was a second power failure, when our main generator went out. Not a problem though. Backups were quickly put into service, and we were off and running again. Yet another first was the food. Instead of the usual dogs and burgers we feasted on Jimbo’s pulled pork and chicken, in addition to the dishes brought in to pass. Finally, there was something else very special this year. Several hams new to the hobby were exposed to a wealth of information relating to antennas and operations, and most important, given the opportunity to get some on the air, experience. This was a good thing.  

Field day is a lot of fun, but it also involves a lot of hard work. Setup, tear down, and cleanup went smoothly. Patrick and Kevin did a fine job getting and serving the food. From all appearances, operations went well. Antennas were up and ready well in advance thanks to Rich, Bill Busbin, and of course Fred. On behalf of Matthew, and all the board members I thank all who put the extra effort into making this event the success it was. Pat yourselves on the back. You deserve it. 🙂