Kero and Pasta

Over spaghetti dinner last evening, Bob K2EUH shared some retro tech with Ed K9RWP and me KI4ZMV. Who knows, this information may come in handy on one of those occasions when the power lines are down, the cell towers and phone lines are dead, your back up batteries, the ones you meant to recharge are all dead, and worse still, those 9 volt batteries you harvested from the smoke alarms, and meant to replace, are all used up. You panic. How will you listen to radio? Then you remember your kero-radio, circa 1950. A quick trip to the attic and you are back on the air, at least to listen. 🙂

So what’s become of this technology over the years? It turns out that others have asked the same question, namely K9ZW. Under the right conditions, thermo-electric makes sense. Here is a modern day adaptation of the technology. Note the remarkable similarity between the two designs.

For more information you can visit. K9ZW