April’s Meeting-Intro To Kit Building

These days when it comes to radio gear we are more likely to try it, buy it, add batteries or plug it in, and maybe even read the instructions that came with it. There was a time when things were different, except possibly for the ultra rich. These days it is often cheaper and better to buy most equipment factory made, but the tradition lives on. Homebrew is still alive and as intoxicating as ever. During April’s meeting Gary will present a project for the beginner that will be completed during May’s meeting. It is directed at the newbie, but the more experienced are expected to help those less familiar with the various techniques for loosing components and burning yourself with a soldering iron. The project will be a kit, cost $10 dollars, which can be paid either at the March 27th picnic or at the April meeting. I can tell you first hand that the kit is worth the price, having spent more than $10 for only half the components I needed to mock up this project from parts I had on hand.
So what is the project? Briefly, it is an astable multivibrator driving two LEDs and a 555 timer to produce both flashing lights and wailing sounds. Everything you need to complete the project is included. You supply the soldering iron. Those who have one are asked to bring it, even if they will not be building the kit themselves.
OK so you are not convinced. Here is the breadboard version of the circuit you will be building. Yours will function the same, but will look much more professional. A work of art.

Still like to learn more. The complete plans, including parts, theory, and soldering tips is available by clicking here.