Field Day

The Lakeland Amateur Radio Club will have Field Day at Hunt Fountain Park, 2020 Duff Road, Lakeland, Florida.

Setup will begin at daybreak! We will be operating from 2pm, Saturday, June 23rd to approximately 2pm, Sunday, June 24th, 2012.

There will be food, and your family is invited. Please let us know how many members of your family will join us for Saturday’s picnic at 6:00 PM, and Sunday breakfast at 9:00 AM. so that we have sufficient food on hand, but avoid waste. Email me with the number for each meal at:

Our Club will supply the hamburgers and hot dogs for this event along with the buns and condiments. All we ask is that each family bring a covered dish to share with everyone and drinks for there family. Baked beans will be provided this year.

Fred Delaney, K1DU, is our Field Day Leader and is responsible for the event. If you have not scheduled radio time during the event, or would like to help with this event in another capacity, please contact Fred at or call him at (863) 816-0507. Fred can still use some help on the “graveyard” shift and on Sunday morning. We will start to gather at the site at day break on Saturday to assemble the antenna system. Please let Fred know if you can join us.

There will be special events this year that won’t want to miss. At 2:30pm on Saturday, we plan to have demonstrations on PSK31, satellite communications, and a natural power demonstration. This year we will be operating a station with PSK31.

There will be a raffle this year. Raffle tickets will only be available at Field Day and are one dollar a ticket. The drawings will begin around 7:30pm.

Also, if anyone would like to take an exam, please let us know, we need to coordinate VE availability. This will be our last chance to give the expiring Extra exam.

See you there,

Patrick O’Neil


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